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How to check the car?

Checking the car by vin code is the first step when buying

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Why check the car?

The VIN code will tell about the car:


Hidden damage


Photo archive


Mileage rollbacks


Ownership changes


Maintenance history


Theft records


Auction history


Other useful information

Detailed report on the VIN code for cars from Europe and the USA. Mileage check, photo from the accident, ownership history.

Information about cars from America: car history, accident recording, auctions, odometer check, operations. 

Free check by vehicle body number from Sweden - mileage, history, accidents, other useful information.

TOP-3 sites for checking by VIN code

What information does the VIN code contain?

For example, let's take this numberJTNBF4HK603013028. Just by looking at it, you can find out the following facts - this is a 2018 Toyota Camry with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, a 4-door sedan, assembled at the TMC Tsutsumi plant in Japan. Already on at this stage, it is very easy to distinguish a car that was bought in a showroom in Ukraine and has an official dealer history, from cars from the USA, which come to us mainly from insurance auctions after serious damage. After all, the VIN number of the American Toyota begins with the number 4, and the letter J means Japanese assembly.

Vehicle VIN number or body number   is a unique 17-digit vehicle number that contains basic information about it. In particular, having a VIN number allows you to easily determine the exact car model, country of origin and year of manufacture. And, if you have access to the specifications of a specific car manufacturer, you can often find out a detailed description of the configuration.  

The real magic begins when you check the VIN code using specialized services. After all, such services collect information about cars from various sources (including from car manufacturers, registration authorities, insurance companies, financial institutions, official service stations of car dealers, various trading platforms and auctions) and display it all in one place. Detailed VIN reports often include useful information about the vehicle, such as mileage confirmations for different years or even photos of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, most of such services are able to check cars by their code only cars that come from certain countries. For example, CarFax or AutoCheck is perfect for checking vehicles from the American market. With cars from Europe, everything is much more complicated. It is best to look for a local system that collects information about cars, for example for Sweden there is  great serviceCar.Info, for Poland - local HistoriaPojazdu, for France –HistoVec, for the Czech Republic –Cebia, for the Russian Federation -AvtoKod, there is an electronic driver's office in Ukraine.

However, what to do if you need to check the car, but there is no time to deal with local services? In this case, paid services that collect information on VIN codes of cars from different markets will help, for example:carVertical, EpicVin, AutoDNA, ClearVin or VIN-info. Each of them has its pros and cons, but it's always worth taking the chance to check the car by the VIN. After all, this will help filter out cars that do not meet your requirements and save your time and effort.

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